The "For Spacious Skies" Program

 A program started by Jack Borden, former television reporter in Boston, MA, to educate our children to "Look up" and become aware of the sky.

The following chart is a Skywatcher Chart showing some of the basic cloud types and atmospheric phenomona one normally will see.

Cumulus Congestus Cirrostratus Cirrocumulus Cumulonimbus Cirrus Aurora Borealis Halo Contrail Pileus Swelling Cumulus Altostratus Altocumulus Cumulonimbus Cirrus Sun Dog Corona Mammatus Flying Saucer Cumulus of Fair Weather Cumulus of Fair Weather Stratus High Stratocumulus Cumulonimbus Nimbostratus Rainbow Sun pillar Virga Billow altocumulus Ground fog Stratocumulus Cumulonimbus (base) Nimbostratus Rainbow Lightning Cap Cloud Crepuscular Rays
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This is the "National Weather Service" version of our chart
For a larger image of each photo on the Skywatcher's Chart, click on it below:

The FSS Skywatcher's Cloud Chart is the "Gold Standard" in its field.

We are proud of its being first choice of The Weather Channel, The American Meteorological Society and The National Weather Service's Southern Region which extends from Florida to New Mexico and the entire Caribbean.

24x35-it is a beautiful, educational attraction in classroom, dormitory, office, home, laboratory, boat. In short--wherever there is a sky and a curious, safety- minded, appreciative viewer.

Most of its 36 beautiful photos and all captions are by Dr. John "Cloudman" Day--author of the celebrated "Book of Clouds" and co-author of "The Peterson Field Guide to the Atmosphere" deemed the most enduringly popular among all sky classics.

The Chart's premium .03 lamination permits easy roll-up for hikers and for use under the harshest field conditions. It is shipped in the highest quality, crush-resistant tube.

Know what you are looking at and what to expect!

The price--just $17.95
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"For Spacious Skies"

Payment includes:
postage and maxi-quality tube.

Send pmt to:
For Spacious Skies/Western MA
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(978) 249-4323

Learning Lesson:  Head in the Clouds 

Take it to the MAX!  Learn more about the different cloud classifications and their symbols.

Cloud photos by John Day
Photo collection by John Day (Cloudman)
John Day's tips on sky photography
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For Spacious Skies has produced a wonderful as shown above
Cloud Chart
which provides an excellent starting point for your sky awareness activities
Blue Hill Observatory
    Home of the Oldest Continuous Weather Data Records in North America
Cloud Man at
International Dark-Sky Association (IDA)
Aerial Aesthetics Photo Resource of images of the sky

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